Alkas'iber Kennel

Alkas'iber's Mighty Mouse, RN



Note: If available we'll show four generations of lineage. Where there are fewer the lineage is not available.

Lineage Of Alkas'iber's Mighty Mouse, RN (Born: 10/08/1999) - Listed Sire First
CH Alkasiber's Al X Canaan, SDXAlkasiber's Steely Dan, SDXCan CH Channikko's Nordic Digger, CDCan CH Troilka's Demishka
Kortar's Kalara
Tokomac's Makushkin NunatakNot Online
Not Online
Canann's Little DickensAm/Can CH Innisfree's Sled Borne OneCH Innisfree's Royal Purple
Innisfree's Kismet
Canaan's Rolocking RavenCH Shelko's Brenon of Canaan, CD, SD
Doonauk's Sunspot
Alkasiber's Tokomac Nite LilyNekanesu's Pete, SDXLokiboden's DonLokiboden's Tango
Kimik's Nina SD
Nekanesu's LadyNekanesu's Deno
Not Online
Kashellynn's LillianAlaskan's jon of AnadyrNot Online
Not Online
Nekanesu's LadyNekanesu's Deno
Not Online